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MR. MECHANIC Contest is to exhibit students skills through the practical approach in handling the lathe machine and doing the needful things for the given question.

  • A component drawing with dimensions, workpiece and required tools and accessories will be given to the participants.

  • The participants will have to make the workpiece according to the drawing, to the maximum precision possible within the stipulated given time.

  • Participants will be assessed based on how perfect the operations have been performed, how precise the final component is to the given drawing, and the time taken to complete the task




  • College ID card is compulsory. Any participant without ID card will not be permitted to attend the event.

  • Any disobedience, malpractice or attempt to commit any kind of inappropriate activities will result in the disqualification of the team.

  • Participants are compulsorily requested to wear shoes.

  • Each team should do the assigned task in given time. No extra time will be provided.

  • No discussion with other teams is allowed.

  • Tools given must be returned back to the respective coordinators.

  • General workshop and Laboratory rules should be strictly followed.

  • Top teams will be awarded prizes. ◘ Judge’s decision will be final and binding. Further appeals shall not be entertained.



Thanushkumar S - 8012326294

Registration ends on April 16th

Click here to download the event info

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